DSP Job Description

CRS Direct Support Professionals

After you have reviewed the below DSP Job Description, fill out the CRS Preliminary Job Application and submit it to our office in person or send via email to the CRS Hiring Manager (crsprogram@fuse.net). If you have any questions, please give us a call 513-784-0400.

We provide our staff with education, support and the tools they need to provide advanced, compassionate care. As a CARF and certified provider agency, we offer a full range of services to support each individual regardless of where they are living. All of our caregivers go through a rigorous screening that meets or exceeds state regulations. To meet our strict standards caregivers must pass:

    • State and Federal background screening process including fingerprinting
    • Intensive interview process that includes reference verification, skill evaluations and competency exams
    • CPR
    • First Aid
    • Medication certification
    • Insulin training
    • CPI
    • VIRTUS


Job Description

Non-Exempt Position


Essential Functions: Provides direct services and care to individuals. Maintains the day-to-day operation of the home. Ensures compliance with all regulations.
Intermittent: employees are those who are not assigned a set schedule and are not guaranteed a specific number of hours or location.

Responsibilities/ Duties:
1. Supervises each client relative to their individual level, ensuring their safety and well being.
2. Interacts with the client’s, individually and in groups, in order to facilitate social, physical, personal and emotional growth and well being. Assists individuals in planning educational, recreational and cultural activities.
3. Maintains the overall operation of the home including supporting an ongoing homelike environment.
4. Implements Individual Services Plans (ISP) as well as other plans developed for the individuals.
5. Completes written documentation on individuals. Maintains compliance with policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations.
6. Responsible for assisting individuals with banking/cash transactions as well as petty cash.
7. Distributes, supervises and assists individuals with all medication. Records all actions on appropriate forms.
8. Supervises each individual, according to need, in maintaining consistent home care:
a. Assist in completing daily cleaning duties.
b. Assist in planning well-balanced menus.
c. Assist in cooking all meals.
d. Assist in grocery shopping, when needed.
9. Supervises and assists each individual, according to need, in completing personal responsibilities:
a. Shop for personal items.
b. Maintain or practice self-help skills with special emphasis on personal hygiene.
c. Provides total care to individuals, including feeding, toileting, lifting and bathing.
10. Develops and maintains beneficial and appropriate relationships with families, guardians, and other professional contacts.
11. Maintains ongoing communication either verbally and/or in writing (i.e., written journal, behavior notes, etc.)
12. Communicates immediately with their supervisor regarding any crisis in relation to the welfare of the individuals or maintaining a healthy and safe environment.
13. Transports individuals.
14. Assists and facilitates volunteers present during designated working hours.
15. Maintains a healthy and safe work environment, including participating in and documenting safety procedures (i.e., fire drills, etc.).
16. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:
1. Verification of a High School diploma or GED.
2. Passes TB test and drug screening.
3. Required to have a personal vehicle with proof of a designated range of liability insurance.
4. Maintains a current driver’s license and good driving record with less than five points.
5. Passes a criminal background check.
6. Has the ability to work a flexible schedule, including evening and weekends.
7. Completes required training each year. Attends designated staff meetings.
Required Abilities: Applicant must:
1. Be healthy and physically fit including the physical requirements of lifting individuals, standing for long periods, crouching, twisting/turning, weight bearing, swimming, walking and other physical activities as required.
2. Required to lift up to 75 pounds.
3. Exhibit abilities to see, hear and speak to individuals under their care.
4. Exhibit appropriate judgment to avoid dangerous situations in different environments.
5. Must be able to operate and drive a vehicle.
6. Be willing to promote integration of individuals with and without disabilities.
7. Be willing to work as part of a team.

After you have reviewed the DSP Job Description, fill out the CRS Preliminary Job Application and submit it to our office in person or send via email to the CRS Hiring Manager (crsprogram@fuse.net). If you have any questions, please give us a call 513-784-0400.